Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Too much wildlife!

The links to my latest blog for the RCM magazine are here and the World of Difference webpage here which describe more about what I have been doing over the last few weeks.

I am back in Freetown for a couple of weeks doing some work in the office. It is different to my life in Kamakwie, electricity 24 hours, constant internet access and supermarkets. It's nice, especially the delicious choice of salad and vegetables which it is just not possible to buy in Kamakwie. I miss the laid back feel of Kamakwie though. Drinking a cup of tea outside my house looking out at rice swamps and banana trees, listening to the neighbours kids squabbling over who will get water next from the well opposite my house, people passing the house calling out greetings in Limba and Krio, Walking to work and greeting Abibatu, Salimatou and my other neighbours as they sit outside their houses preparing food in the morning.

I am not missing the rather abundant wildlife though I had a mouse in my house (at least it wasn't a rat), a tarantula in my bathroom (I'm not a spider expert but I have only seen one like this in a zoo before) and a snake in the road outside my house (must block up the hole in the bathroom wall when I go back!). I tried to upload some new pictures today but the internet is too slow, so pictures another day.

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