Sunday, 3 January 2010

It's 2 days until I leave for Sierra Leone now. I have really enjoyed spending Christmas with family and friends and enjoying some of the luxuries which are more difficult to come by in Sierra Leone, although I feel sad saying goodbye to loved ones, I am excited about the year ahead. I feel I have been given an amazing opportunity to do work that I really believe in.

My imminent departure has sparked many discussions, people have incredibly strong and diverse opinions on how best to address the difficulties faced by people in countries such as Sierra Leone. Some people have asked me if I really think it will do any good being in Sierra Leone for this coming year. I do believe training and education is a sustainable way to make change. By involving communities and giving people access to information and education they are able to both use it themselves and share this knowledge with others.

I still have quite a lot of packing to do I think may struggle to fit in everything I want to bring with me for the year. I have books galore, work related and for escapism! Equipment such as gloves, resus equipment and instruments that colleagues have kindly collected or donated. I'm hoping the airline are not too strict on baggage allowance!

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  1. Some people asked you if you will do any good?
    This question is frustrating me big time!
    Yes Zoe, in a way you are one drop on a burning plate (like we say in dutch). But if every body would be willing to be that drop
    (read: if every body would have your courage and be so positive and optimistic like you), the world would be a better place!